Toyota Works To Build a Sustainable Future


It’s Earth Month and this month, Toyota is reaffirming its goal to a sustainable future as it works toward the goals of its Global Environmental Challenge. This goal sets sustainability targets for the company that they wish to meet by 2050. In North America, the efforts the company are taking to protect the natural world, minimize environmental impact, and help create a net positive value are found in four key areas: Carbon, Materials, Water, and Biodiversity.

Here is how Toyota is looking to achieve these goals in these four areas:

- Materials: Aiming to conserve natural resources, eliminate waste disposal and share know-how. For example, in North America, Toyota’s put forth a data tracking system to annually track the amount of packaging that is being used and there is a global target to reduce packaging material use by 5% by 2021.

- Carbon: To address climate change, Toyota is aspiring to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from operations. In addition, they are looking to establish longer-term targets to achieve zero emissions by 2050. Toyota also pledges to reduce vehicle emissions 90 percent from a 2010 baseline by 2050 by offering vehicles with alternative powertrains and working to expand PHV, EV and FCV infrastructure.

- Water: Toyota will continue to manage and preserve this important resource and it pledges to reduce absolute water withdrawals from North American operations by incorporating waterless manufacturing technologies and adopting water conservation and recycling technologies. In addition, by 2050, Toyota will establish closed loop systems with 100 percent recycled/reused water.

- Biodiversity: Toyota is pledging to conserve natural habitats by 2050, as well as partner with third parties to help protect globally recognized hotspots. In addition, Toyota will engage in projects that protect biodiversity. Toyota also has a goal to work to protect threatened and endangered species living near its sites as well as certify all major facilities to a recognized, high standard conservation certification.

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