Be Ready for the Busy Holiday Travel Season


The busy holiday travel season is upon us and this year, AAA is forecasting that more than one-third of Americans will be traveling for the season, which is an increase of 4.4% over last year. The biggest increase in travel since AAA has been tracking the statistic, starting back in 2001.

The majority of travelers will be doing so by vehicle and it’s expected that most drivers will experience the greatest amount of congestion prior to the actual holiday week, starting on Wednesday, December 19, as both regular commuters and holiday travelers mix together on the roadways. The worst travel day will be on Thursday, December 20, however. If you end up driving to your holiday destination this year, make sure you leave bright and early or hit the roads after the daily commute, if at all possible.

Causing this increase in roadway traffic is the relatively inexpensive price of gas that can be found all around the country. And prices just keep getting more reasonable during the holiday season, as gas prices have actually dropped down to the cheapest they’ve been this whole year. Combine that fact with that fact with disposable income has actually increased, well that means more drivers will be hitting the roads. And many of these drivers are headed down here to Florida. Matter fact, 3 of the top ten year end travel destinations are in the Sunshine State. (They are Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale).

If you are going to be one of those who will be driving over the next week, remember to prepare your holiday playlist, pack your patience, oh and make sure your car is ready for the drive. That’s where our service department can help! Make sure you get your vehicle in to see us before traveling. Click here to schedule your appointment at Courtesy Toyota of Brandon today.

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