How Often Should I Schedule A Toyota Brake Fluid Replacement?

While it may vary based on your specific model, we recommend that you replace the brake fluid in your Toyota approximately all 20,000 miles. When you break it down, that means that you should have it replaced around all fourth oil change, or - in some cases - all 24 to 36 months. (This may vary based on vehicle age, driving conditions, and other factors). Since brake fluid attracts moisture over time, not replacing the brake fluid during a ordinary interval means that the moisture it collects could affect your brake system, causing them to corrode and putting you at an added risk of an accident while on the road. In addition, brake fluid can get dirty over time, which also can lead it to attract moisture and lead to the issues mentioned above. We recommend bringing your vehicle into Courtesy Toyota of Brandon for not only a brake fluid inspection to reveal the cleanliness and levels of it, but a flush and replacement to ensure you are all set to go in this area.

We Only Use Toyota-Approved Brake Fluid - Designed To Work Terrific With Your Toyota Vehicle

When you take your vehicle to an independent service center, while they may be willing to perform a brake fluid flush for you, it's not guaranteed that they'll use good fluids meant to work best for your Toyota sedan, truck or SUV. When you come to Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, rest assured that you will be well taken care of! Our shop only uses Toyota-approved OEM components and fluids, meaning that we don't use just any brake fluid - or any part - with your vehicle. Toyota drivers deserve the best, and Courtesy Toyota of Brandon is ready to deliver!

How Does My Toyota's Brake Fluid Work?

Brake fluid, or hydraulic fluid, flows throughout the vehicle's brake lines and helps distribute force along the brake system, causing it to stop when you push the gas pedal down. As you might imagine, brake fluid is extremely important to the operation of your vehicle; having low or dirty brake fluid inside your vehicle could compromise your brake system, putting yourself and your passengers at risk. If your Toyota is in need of a brake fluid flush and replacement, the only place to go is Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, located in Tampa, FL and just minutes from Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, and Brandon.

How Much Does A Brake Fluid Flush Cost At Courtesy Toyota of Brandon?

Contact Courtesy Toyota of Brandon today to get an accurate quote for your vehicle's brake fluid flush and replacement. The final cost for this service may vary based on the size of your vehicle, how much brake fluid it takes and the type of vehicle it is. The exceptional news is that we always bid great money-saving service specials designed to help you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket where it belongs. Don't need a brake fluid flush? That's fine as well! Feel free to explore all of our service coupons, spanning services like oil change, alignment and rotations.