Toyota Transmission Fluid Tampa FL

How Often Should I Change My Toyota's Transmission Fluid?

That may depend on whether your vehicle is a automatic or manual transmission. If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, it may be best to have it changed out total 30,000 to 60,000 miles; however, that could be as low as 15,000 miles depending on road conditions and how often you drive your vehicle. If you drive an automatic transmission, it may not be crucial to change your transmission fluid as frequently. Checking with our service team here at Courtesy Toyota of Brandon should be able to help you determine whether or not you need this service performed on your vehicle, and can advise you as to the intervals you need to get this done at.

What Does Transmission Fluid In My Toyota Do?

Transmission fluid flows throughout your Toyota's transmission, keeping it lubricated and ensuring that it's operating to the best of its ability. However, it does other things, as well: keeping your vehicle's gaskets properly conditioned, keep operating temperature low, and preventing wear on metal surfaces in and around your engine. There are a couple of different kinds of transmission fluid: one for automatic vehicles and one for manual transmission vehicles. Branching off of that, there are different types: HFM fluids, Dexron/Mercon, hypoid gear oil, type-F, and higher. Even motor oil can be considered a type of transmission fluid, but for the purposes of this page, we won't count it as a specific type. In any event, keeping your vehicle's transmission fluid clean and flushed on a usual basis is critical because over time, it gets dirty and attracts gunk and grime, meaning that if it gets into your transmission, it could operate at reduced power or become damaged over time. Visit Courtesy Toyota of Brandon today - we sell OEM certified transmission fluid (not aftermarket), ensuring that it's specially designed to work best with your vehicle.

What Is The Cost Of A Transmission Fluid Flush Service?

We want to make getting your Toyota's transmission fluid replaced as easy and affordable as possible! At Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, we have many service coupons designed to help you save money on vehicle services just like this one, or perhaps others that you may need. The last thing we want is to see you waste money on an unneeded service or repair, and when you bring your vehicle into Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, know that you can trust us to not only fix your issue correctly the first time, but help save you money in the process! Stop by today - whether you live in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater or Brandon, rest assured that you'll get the service and attention you deserve as a vehicle owner.